Limb Lengthening


I perform limb lengthening mainly to correct limb deformities on a daily basis. Our institution is well established  in this kind of procedure and we have more than 30 years experience in limb lengthening. We offer surgical treatments to correct lower limb deformities as well as upper limb with the most advanced methods.

Allungamento arti limb lenghtening Allungamneto arti limb lenghtening


When is it appropriate to request surgery for limb lengthening?

Limb lengthening is performed routinely on patients suffering from dwarfism, in order to be helped in carring out normal daily activities. This procedure is also carried out on patients with idiopathic short stature or for aesthetic reasons.

Achondroplasia Surgery




How is limb lengthening performed?

Limb lengthening can be performed with different techniques. In most cases we use external fixators or extendable intramedullary nails.
The lenghtening is achieved in three main phases:


The different methods have advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully evaluated before surgery. The extendable nails can stretch up to a maximum of 8 cm and if you want to achieve lenghtening greater than this you will needed more than one procedure. Obviously, the level of lenghtening is carefully assessed in order to maintain the correct proportions and comply with the capability of muscles and tendons to stretch.

Which are the leg lengthening techniques available?

The available techniques are:

External Hybrid Circular Frames wit single or double osteotomy. This technique is the most versatile and the lengthening time can be up to 1.5 mm a day with two osteotomies.  With this method acquired or already present deformities are easily corrected.

Internal leg lengthening to the femur or tibia wit an extendable nail such as Precise (I/II) nail insite the bone.

Internal leg lengthening to the femur or tibia wit a fixed nail and an external fixator.

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